The Most Effective Anti-Ageing Skin Care Products Available

As we age, the rate at which skin cells renew and replace older skin cells decreases. This slowing of the skin cells renewal process is when signs of ageing begin to show. Tretinoin (also known as Retin a) is a retinoid and a derivative of vitamin A which has been scientifically proven as an effective anti-ageing ingredient.

Tretinoin vs Retinol: What Are the Differences?

Many skin care products claim to improve skin texture, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, increase collagen, and treat acne. Many of these products work. This is due to retinoids, which are active ingredients in these products.

There are, however, different kinds of retinoids. Various retinoids are available, including retinol and tretinoin (also referred to as Retin-A). Several skin care products contain retinol and tretinoin, among other active ingredients. Choosing the right skin care product for you starts with understanding what each can do for you.